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Lavern M. Johnson Park

Our shop is located right on the banks of the St. Vrain River in Lavern M. Johnson Park in Lyons, CO. Lavern M. Johnson park is a picturesque location nestled in a horseshoe river bend on the St. Vrain river. The park is surrounded by redstone cliffs that are home to Golden Eagles towering above the park. The St. Vrain river is an ideal location to river tube, relax and beat the heat this summer. 


Lavern M. Johnson Park to Black Bear Hole

If you are looking for a bit more float time you can river tube from Lavern M. Johnson Park to Black Bear Hole. This float offers the splashy waves of Lavern M. Johnson Park plus a mellow float through the town of Lyons ending at the pedestrian bridge at Black Bear Hole River access. Its an easy 15 minute walk back to our shop. This trip offers a beautiful float passed the confluence of the South and North St. Vrain Rivers. 

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