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Lyons, Colorado

The St. Vrain 

Tubing the St. Vrain is a whitewater experience that will make your summer. 

We are located just feet from the creek in Lavern M. Johnson Park.


Lyons Whitewater Park @ Lavern M. Johnson Park

Our shop is located in Lavern M. Johnson Park, the

St. Vrain naturally wraps around the park. The creek has been altered to help control the river during high flows. It also provides waves and pools to enjoy tubing, kayaking and boogie boarding! 

3/4 miles Long


Lyons Whitewater Park to Black Bear Bridge

The St. Vrain snakes through Lyons. The town has built several parks, paths and bridges that follow the river. Your last take out is Black Bear Bridge!

1.5 Miles Long

15 Minute Walk Back to our shop

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