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Question: When is the best time for my family and friends to go tubing on the St. Vrain?

Answer: That depends on the St. Vrain!


It is a seasonal stream with higher flows in Late May/June  and lower flows in July, August and September. We post our age restrictions daily.


Question: I would like to plan my summer early, when should I plan on tubing?

Answer: If your group is 18+ and looking for an exciting whitewater experience late June is a great time to go. 


If you are looking for a relaxed experience wait for July and August.


For groups with children 7+ July is typically suitable for families.


Late July, August and September is typically suitable for families with children 5+ or looking for a very relaxed experience.


Question: I heard there is a tubing ban on the St. Vrain, does that mean the river is closed all summer?

Answer: The good news is no, the river does reopen!   There is typically a tubing ban on the St. Vrain Early to mid June. The Sheriffs and Fire Department close the river when river levels are peaking for the season. Once the bulk of the snowpack has melted, the river drops back down to appropriate levels and the tubing ban is lifted.


Question: How do I know if a tubing ban has been lifted?

Answer: We will post on our home page when the ban has been lifted.  If we are open and renting the tubing ban has been dropped.

When to go Tubing?

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